Overwhelming Majority of Voters Rank Relief Line Toronto’s Highest Priority

In a city-wide survey conducted earlier this month on transit priorities, more than half of Toronto residents (52.6%) ranked the Relief Line as their number one priority; two thirds more than prioritized the Scarborough Subway Extension (30.4%) and three times as many as SmartTrack (17%).

Support for the Relief Line was even higher among residents who voted for Mayor John Tory with nearly three to one support for the Relief Line (58.1%) over his signature SmartTrack plan (20.1%).

A majority of respondents (55.6%) also stated they would not vote for their councillor if they were opposed to the Relief Line.

“Toronto residents have made it clear which transit project they believe needs the primacy of council's attention and priority of Toronto’s limited transit funds: the Relief Line” said Louis Mark, president of the Toronto Relief Line Alliance. “Councillors and the Mayor should heed the voices of residents or risk reelection in 2018.”


We Are Looking For Volunteers To Help Organize Events To Promote The Relief Line

Toronto Relief Line Alliance is planning public events to promote the Relief Line. We’re looking for volunteers to help us set up a walk along the Relief Line route, similar in style to Jane’s Walk. In particular, we’re looking for people who can:

– run the event
– research the history of the route
– research the history of neighbourhoods along the route
– recruit community leaders to attend and speak at the event

Any help in planning this event would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re interested, please email us at [email protected]

Toronto Residents Say Relief Line Should Be City’s Highest Priority

On Friday, March 25th, Forum Research released the results of a poll titled “Majority approve of new Scarborough transit plan”. The poll asked residents to prioritize transit plans within Toronto and found the highest support for the Relief Line among Toronto transit plans.

“Residents know that the Yonge line is full as far north as York Mills. The Relief Line will open opportunities for transit expansion around the region,” said Louis Mark, founder of the Toronto Relief Line Alliance.

“SmartTrack could be a great addition to the transit network if all the details work out, but at the fare and frequency at which it is likely to be operated it won’t divert enough passengers from the Bloor-Yonge subway station which is already operating over capacity,” Mark continued.



Relief line subway advocates look beyond downtown

By: Tess Kalinowski Transportation reporter, Published on Tue Jan 26 2016.

The Toronto Relief Line Alliance is advocating for a project that has been pushed down the line for decades.

"Nobody in the media or politicians are talking about the Relief Line Long. We’re looking to shift this discussion and make this clear — that it’s not just a downtown thing, that the Relief Line Long will bring tremendous benefits to people outside downtown. For example, one of the surprising things we found was, in looking at the travel time benefits for people in Scarborough, this line could reduce some commutes by up to 30 minutes.”

Read full article on thestar.com

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